Language Concepts

Concept Development Chart

Meddy Bemps is a wonderful site for interactive learning activities. They have many interactive concept activities listed below:

Comparative: Long/Longer and Big/Bigger/Biggest

Quantity: More/Less

Spatial: Over/Under

Size: Small/Medium/Big

Direction, Location & Position: Front/Behind, In/Out, and On/Over/Under

Reinforcing “Another”, Near/Far, and Position (first, second, next, last)

*cut out manipulatives can be printed by clicking here.

Book/Activity Bank for Concepts from

size/opposites concepts and Monkey’s Book of Opposites PowerPoint  by Jamie Sue Austin on

Prepositions Game and Preposition Fan from Jamie Sue Austin at Word Pairs game (animated, 6 sets for beginning concept development)

videos for early language concepts from older vidoes, some are more appealing to children than others

Everything’s Rosie matching for SAME and DIFFERENT from TVOkids

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