Miscellaneous Reinforcers and Resources

Spinner from access.com

GameGoo Fun Goo Games from earobics.com: games 1, 3, 5, 6 are good for general reinforcers

Bullseye from idiombox.com and johntear.com

Zimmer Twins: a great site for making/creating/editing your own animated movies

Kneebouncers.com for simple cause and effect games

Online Timers from online-stopwatch.com

Bingo Board Creator by Tools for Educators (site offers many categories and word lists to choose from)

Poetry for Kids gigglepoetry.com

Voki.com: Create a speaking character and add a voice to your own unique message!

Discovery Education Puzzle Maker

Kidz World movie reviews

DLTK’s “Growing Together” Custom Dominos

English Language Arts Educational Raps

Wordle by Jonathan Feinberg…… create word clouds!

Printable Play Money from freeprintablefun.org

Free Printable Masks

Aven’s Corner Cause and Effect games

Comic Strip Creator from ReadWriteThink.org

Text 2 MindMap: great for creating categories/subcategories and organizing ideas

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