Talking Child Speech Chart Speech and Articulation Development Chart

Typical Speech Development by Caroline Bowen at

Word Lists Galore! Phonology and Articulation Resources by Caroline Bowen at

Minimal Pair Word Lists by Caroline Bowen at

“The Process of Articulation Therapy” by Heidi Hanks at

Mommy Speech Therapy Articulation Worksheets Created by Heidi Hanks, this site offers downloadable worksheets for many sounds in all positions (and at various levels of complexity)

LinguiSystems Auditor Bombardment Practice Pages: demo pages available from…. intended for younger children.

Wacky Web Tales” for practice in connected speech and reading.

Word Turtle- Word Find Generator Children can create a list of words with their target sound. Say each word once before beginning the activity. Say each word in a sentence as the words are located on the grid!

Communication Connects Story-Making Machine : Practice using targets L, R, S, TH, SH, or CH during reading… you can also “make your own” story

Coarticulation with Vocalic /r/ from Speaking of Speech

Learning Fundamentals: Articulation Word Lists categorized by sound and position in words (initial, medial, final)

Learning Fundamentals: Interactive Artic Exercises includes audio/visual for sound, word, phrase and exaggerated production for student

FREE /R/ Resources from Say It Right This site offers materials for download and practice for generalization. Posters are also available for each vocalic /r/ sound.

Wordle by Jonathan Feinberg…… create word clouds!

Beginning Sounds WorksheetsFinal Sounds Worksheets , and Dragon Word Lists by Lanternfish ESL “R-Controlled Vowel Worksheets and Resources”:
R-Controlled Vowel Flashcards and Bingo Sheet Generator by Lanternfish ESL

Bossy “R” from “Initial Consonant Blend Worksheets and Resources”:

Minimal Pair Word Lists by Caroline Bowen at www.speech-language-therapy. com

Very Silly Tongue Twisters

Instant Rhyme Generator: by beginning, middle, or end sound!

Word List Generator

certificate” and “rhyming hat” to go along with Twimericks book by Lou Brooks

videos on sound production and reading at

Informal assessment of speech for progress monitoring-

list of books for focus on various speech sounds–

Picture Match from create a personalized “sound bank”… then find and say words as you sort items into packages

HowJSay: a free online talking dictionary of english pronunciation

ALPHA Test of Phonology: Lowe, R. J. (2000). Assessment Link between Phonology and Articulation -Revised. Mifflinville, PA: ALPHA Speech & Language Resources, retrieved from on 10/26/2011.

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